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2017 CPMEC Junior Doctor of the Year Award

Since 2008, CPMEC has recognised junior doctors who made significant contributions to prevocational medical education and training. It was agreed that a two-tiered award structure be put into place with jurisdictional winners selected by each PMC and an overall winner selected by the Principal Officers of each PMC. The competition for the CPMEC award was as competitive as ever in 2017 with nominations received from all CPMEC members except Tasmania.  As in the past, all state winners and the overall winner were recognised at the 2017 Forum gala dinner at the Royal Internation Convention Centre in Brisbane. Each Division winner was presented with a medal and the overall winner received a trophy. The award recipient was a doctor with satisfactory clinical performance who made a significant contribution to teaching and learning, and contributed to the educational activities of their hospital and PMC or equivalent. Special achievements were also factored into the awards.

The winner of the 2017 CPMEC trans-Tasman Junior Doctor of the Year Award is Dr Samantha Iannella.

The state and territory winners for 2017 were: 

New Zealand:  Dr Magnus Cheesman

Northern Territory:  Dr Megan Yannakouros

New South Wales:   Dr Thomas Melhuish

Victoria:   Dr Skye Kinder

South Australia:   Dr Samantha Iannella

Western Australia:   Dr Kiran Narula

Queensland:   Dr Emma Keen

Australian Capital Territory:  Dr Danielle Dries

Past Winners:

2016: Dr Gajen Perry (SA)

2015: Dr Cameron Spenceley (NT)

2014:  Dr Katherine Curtis (QLD)

2013:   Dr Nicholas Webb (NSW)

2012:   Dr Amanda Poprzeczny (SA)

2011:   Dr Ross Roberts-Thompson (SA)

2010:   Dr William Liley (QLD)

2009:   Dr Caroline Rhodes (WA)

2008:   Dr Stephanie Arnold (NSW)