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ACF Governance

The Australian Curriculum Framework for Junior Doctors (ACF) project was established by CPMEC in 2006 with funding assistance from the Department of Health and Ageing (DoHA).  The ACF implementation was initially overseen by a National Steering Committee chaired by the National Project Director (Dr Greg Keogh) and supported by CPMEC’s ACF Project Coordinator (Ms Debbie Paltridge).  Four nationally-based Working Parties successfully facilitated the implementation of the ACF in its early stages which saw it develop into a nationally and internationally recognized medical education framework for the first two postgraduate years of medical education and training.

The project governance was discontinued but Dr Keogh and Ms Paltridge have continued to guide implementation of the ACF since. In large measure, delays in the implementation of work on National Internship Standards by the Australian Medical Council (AMC) resulted in some concerns about the future of the ACF and frustrated further development. However, CPMEC continued to ensure currency of the ACF by undertaking revisions in 2009 and again in 2012. With the National Internship Framework now in place, it does provide the opportunity for the ACF to become further embedded in prevocational medical education in Australia. Currently CPMEC is exploring the feasibility of an interactive ACF App.