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Internship Standards

The general registration standard establishes the basis for training in the Intern year and traditionally has been established by each of the state and territory Medical Boards.  In 2011, the state based medical boards amalgamated under the National Registration and Accreditation Scheme (NRAS) to form the Medical Board of Australia (MBA). The MBA undertook a review of the National Intern Standards to develop the current Registration Standard for General Registration.  To view the standard click here.

In addition, the Medical Board has sought the AMC’s advice on the following:

  • The standards for intern training;
  • What should be expected of interns at the completion of the period to enable the Board to grant general registration; and
  • How the AMC might apply a national framework for intern training accreditation to the current State-based accreditation processes of post-graduate medical councils to ensure that appropriate and consistent standards are in place in all jurisdictions.

The AMC work has now been completed this work.  Their publications can be viewed by clicking on the following links:

  1. Intern Training - Intern Outcome Statements
  2. Intern Training -National Standards for Programs
  3. Intern Training -Guidelines for Terms
  4. Intern Training -Domains for assessing Accreditation Authorities
  5. Intern Training -AMC Guide on how to prepare an accreditation review submission
  6. Intern Training -Assessing and Certifying Completion
  7. Intern Training -Term Assessment Form
  8. Guide to Intern Training in Australia

CPMEC have developed some resources to assist with implementing the Intern Term Assessment Form and Assessing and Certifying Completion. To view these click here.