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CPMEC Mission

 As the peak body for prevocational medical education and training, the Confederation will undertake the following:

  1. seek to develop, by consensus, national standards and programs for the promotion and support of prevocational medical education and training;
  2. where there is agreement to do so, engage in advocacy with external stakeholders on behalf of its members;
  3. promote exchange of information between members on matters of common interest;
  4. promote excellence in prevocational training and recognize outstanding contributions; and
  5. promote integration with undergraduate and other stages medical education and training.


The CPMEC Board manages and controls the business and affairs of the Confederation. The Board Chair and Deputy Chair are appointed for a two year term and are not usually eligible for reappointment unless the Board determines otherwise. Currently each member of the CPMEC is entitled to nominate a Director (not including elected directors) to the CPMEC Board.

In addition to the oversight of CPMEC Ltd, the Board can establish any other standing or ad hoc Committee it considers necessary to assist with the governance, operation or administration of the Confederation.


Dr Claire Blizard is the current Chair of the CPMEC Board. She is also the Medical Director of the Health Education & Training Institute (HETI) in NSW.

CPMEC Deputy Chair

There is currently no Deputy Chair.


Other current member representatives are:

 To learn more about the Board members please click on their individual names to see their Bios.