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 National Term Description Template

This document provides Term Supervisors with a template for developing Term Descriptions.  The Template has been designed as an electronic form to allow text entry and use of the ACF checkbox, which is included so that term supervisors can indicate the capabilities they expect will be addressed during their specific term.  In order for the check boxes to work the document has to be locked.  If you wish to format the document or add sections the document can be unlocked by the password acf2013.  However please note that you should lock the document again after the formating to allow the check list to be activated.

Please note the template has been updated to include the latest version of the ACF 3.1. Click here to access the template

If you would like to just use the ACF Form and add it to your own template - click here

Guidelines for using the template are also provided and could be given to Term Supervisors.

In addition, a number of samples of completed Term Descriptions are available to illustrate how the tool can be implemented in practice and various other term templates. These are not intended as gold standards to be followed but rather examples of how some facilities are incorporating the ACF into their term descriptions and ensuring the major components are included.  These include (click on link to access);

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