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Prevocational Medical Accreditation Framework (PMAF)

All Postgraduate Medical Councils agreed to work towards a national Prevocational Medical Accreditation Framework (PMAF). Project funding provided by the Australian Government Department of Health and Ageing allowed CPMEC to build on the work done previously to exchange information on accreditation practices in each state through the CPMEC National Accreditation Network.

The PMAF project aims to increase consistency across the jurisdictions of accreditation practices, align prevocational accreditation practices with other appropriate local and international benchmarks, reduce duplication of work required in each PMC (or its equivalent), and provide increased transparency of accreditation practices. The project has been recognised by the Medical Training and Review Panel (MTRP) as a national priority in prevocational medical education. It also fits with the initiatives of the Council of Australian Governments (COAG) in achieving national registration and accreditation in the health professions.

CPMEC established a National Technical Group (NTG) to develop the Prevocational Medical Accreditation Framework which included representation from the Accreditation Committee of each Postgraduate Medical Council since the commencement of the process. The NTG also had junior doctors and a medical education officer with accreditation experience.

The draft PMAF was formally launched at the 13th Prevocational Forum in Hobart and was subject to extensive stakeholder consultations. CPMEC considered the feedback received and the revised PMAF has been approved by all Postgraduate Medical Councils.

To download a copy of the PMAF please click here