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General Practice Training Accreditation Pilots (GPTAP)

General Practice Education and Training Ltd (GPET) and the Confederation of Postgraduate Medical Education Councils (CPMEC) have entered into an agreement to undertake and evaluate pilots in the Northern Territory (NT), Victoria (VIC) and Western Australia (WA) of models of streamlined and integrated prevocational and vocational training practice accreditation. 

The pilots will provide a documented and evaluated assessment of a streamlined and integrated process of prevocational and vocational accreditation of training facilities. They will include an assessment of the applicability and reliability of a single survey and information collection process to support the prevocational and vocational accreditation of training practices by the relevant accreditation bodies in the three jurisdictions (NT, VIC and WA). 

GPET has contracted CPMEC to manage the overall project, liaise with the Colleges, Postgraduate Medical Colleges, and Regional Training Providers involved in the pilots in the NT, VIC and WA, and conduct an evaluation of the outcomes of the pilots. As part of the project management, CPMEC will appoint a Steering Committee comprising a nominee from each of GPET, CPMEC, the two Colleges and the participating RTPs and PMCs to oversee the project. 

The final report is to be submitted within one (1) month of completion of the project and will address the following evaluation goals:

  • The extent to which the streamlined and integrated prevocational and vocational training practice accreditation process has delivered robust and consistent accreditation outcomes across the pilot medical practices
  • The perspective(s) of stakeholders, including supervisors, RTPs, Colleges and PMECs involved in accreditation in relation to process and outcome quality; cost; scalability of the process; and other organisational, practice and program impact.

Erich Janssen, Chief Executive Officer, GPET
Jagdishwar Singh, Chief Executive Officer, CPMEC

The Terms of Reference can be viewed here.