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Trainer Accreditation Program (TAP)

The Registrar is a vital linking pin in the delivery of healthcare services. Since 2005 CPMEC has developed and rolled out a national program aimed at enhancing the professional development for registrars. The two-day Professional Development Program for Registrars (PDPR) continues to receive excellent feedback from participants.

The PDPR Trainer Accreditation Program (TAP) has been designed specifically to support the rollout of the PDPR. TAP provides trainers with the necessary knowledge of the underpinning philosophy of the program, training and delivery methods and teaching resources. Completion of the accreditation will be conditional on the trainer delivering a program initially under an experienced PDPR trainer within twelve months of completing the training program. It will be advantageous if the participant has attended a PDPR or been closely involved in the delivery of one. 

TAP contents will focus on providing the participants with the knowledge, skills and techniques to deliver training sessions on the following:

  • The PDR Competency Framework
  • Dealing with transitional issues
  • Building self-awareness
  • Communication & Influencing Styles
  • Managing change and conflict
  • Building effective work teams
  • Different styles of supervision
  • Safety & Quality
  • Giving & Receiving feedback
  • Action planning

The program will be delivered in a highly interactive format with a great deal of focus on using the experiential learning methods employed in the PDPR program. The program will use best practice training methods used in management development programs. A critical part of TAP is that participants practice delivery of the PDPR contents. 

Who should be enrolled for the program?

The TAP program is not a basic ‘train the trainer’ program. It is expected that those nominated to attend the program should have significant experience as clinical educators and be in a position to disseminate the PDPR program and its components. In order that this multiplier effect is maximised, the following criteria are recommended in the selection of participants:

  • Clinical trainers who are involved in the delivery, teaching and evaluation of professional development programs for doctors, or are likely to be involved in the near future
  • Other medical educators who are or will be directly involved in the delivery of such professional development programs.
  • Have some experience of delivering professional development management and education programs
  • Demonstrated drive and commitment to professional development of junior medical staff.

TAP Course benefits

Participation and completion of this program will entail the following benefits:

  • Having knowledge and techniques to plan & deliver the PDR program and its components
  • More effective delivery skills in professional development
  • Accreditation in the delivery of the PDPR program
  • Full access to all PDPR resources and training materials
  • Networking with others involved in professional development of the medical workforce
  • Receiving live one-on-one feedback on post-program applications of program learning

Logistics Support for Accredited Trainers

To assist the accredited trainers in the delivery of the PDR training program, a range of supporting resources will be made available including:

  • PowerPoint slides, lesson guides, workbooks and other resources
  • Ongoing training and updating for certified trainers
  • Contents updating of the national programs will be an ongoing process.

Course dates & timing

The Trainer program can be delivered in a number of modalities. For further information contact the Executive Officer