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The popularity of the program with participating registrars is evidenced by the end of program evaluations. The overall program rating for the PDPR programs run by CPMEC to date has been 6.4 out of 7. 

Some selected (but frequently occurring) comments from the recent PDPR trainees include the following: 

‘Excellent course that exceeded all my expectations’
‘Course was really useful and I will encourage my colleagues to attend’
‘The content of the program was thought-provoking and highlighted areas that I could work on to become a more effective leader and registrar’
‘There was a lot of interaction and I enjoyed it.’
‘The PDPR filled a recognised void in our training programme’
‘Good mix of participants contributed to make the program even more effective’
‘The program provided an abundance of “gold nuggets” that I will use’
‘A fantastic and extremely well-organised program that I will recommend to others’
‘I cannot believe that I only heard about this course this year’
‘I wish I knew about this program earlier’
‘I would be interested in attending any follow-up to this course’
‘This is the first time that I have done a course like this in six years of medical training’
‘I only learnt about this program because it is a mandatory part of our College Advanced Training Program but I am thoroughly satisfied with the le
‘Keep up the great work’
‘I think this course should be mandatory for all medical graduates from interns to consultants’
‘The interactive exercises and role-playing were particularly powerful learning experiences, while remaining highly enjoyable’
‘The program was very insightful and applicable to the medical working environment. It gave us lots of opportunities for self-reflection as practitioners’

How do I obtain more information on the PDPR?
Contact the CPMEC Executive Officer