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Working Parties

There are currently four Working Parties.

Working Parties' Memberships

The following memberships for each working party are presented.

  Working Party 1 -
Project Officer Working Party
Working Party 2-
Working Party 3 -
Vertical Integration Working Party
Working Party 4 - Teaching and Education Working Party





Debbie Paltridge (Chair)  Prof Dick Ruffin (Chair) Prof Fiona Lake (Chair)  A/Prof Terry Brown (Chair)
Marilyn Bullen (PMCV) Dr Andrew Perry Prof Rakesh Kumar  Ms Liz Ware
Cathlin O'Connor (QMET) Jamie Alexander A/Prof Simon Wilcox  Ms Marilyn Bullen
Craig Bingham (IMET) A/Prof Chris Roberts A/Prof Michael Agrez  Lynne Denby
Mark Bailye (SA IMET) Prof Rufus Clark Felicity Hutton  Dr Ross White
Robert Evans (PMCWA) Prof Brian Jolly Michael Bonning  Dr Rob Mitchell
Lynn Hemmings (PMCT) Ms Kate Jurd Heather Grusauskas  Dr Nigel Pinto
  Mr Mark Bailye Richard Whitaker  Sandi Khadri
  Albert Ip Prof Alistair Vickery  Dr Warren Adie
  Helena Lisnichuk Prof Liz Farmer  Sue Stanway
  Amanda Cawthorne-Crosby Prof John Horvarth  Dr Jo Burnand
  Andrea Lloyd Prof David Wilkinson  Dr Ros Crampton
  Dr Ricki Sayer Dr Jolyon Ford  Chris Wong
   Debbie Paltridge (NPC) Dr Wendy Pryor  Dr Jenny Roy
    Prof. Shih-chang (Ming) Wang  Debbie Paltridge (NPC)
    Dr Scott Ma  
    A/Prof Jan Radford  
     A/Prof Ann Rudden  
     Sam Whitehouse  
     Debbie Paltridge (NPC)  

The terms of reference have been endorsed by the National Steering Group and are listed here for stakeholder information.

  • Click Here to view Project Officer Working Party.
  • Click Here to view Vertical Integration Working Party.
  • Click Here to view Teaching and Education Working Party